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Ruark MR1 Mk2 Bluetooth Speaker System

The MR1 Mk2 combines the simplicity of a wireless connection with the increased audio fidelity of separated stereo speakers. Compact, portable and powerful they will perform well with laptops, TVs and hi-fi systems all around your home. Bluetooth streaming takes the hassle out of staying connected and, with advanced audio coding, there’s no loss of quality. And with refinements added to the MkII's sound, controls and connectivity, this is a superb performing speaker pair. Finance Available – £ASK 2 year guarantee included

Ruark MRx Bluetooth Wi-Fi Connected Wireless Speaker

Ruark's MRx connected speaker offers Bluetooth, internet radio and a wide range of Wi-Fi streaming options. Enjoy multiroom music connected to additional MRx speakers, or to Ruark's R2 Mk3 or R7 Mk3. High quality Ruark audio quality is assured alongside easy app control and classic, sophisticated design. Finance Available – £ASK <strong>2 year guarantee included</strong>

Ruark R1 MK3 DAB Bluetooth Digital Radio

The Ruark R1 MK3 is the third generation radio that upgrades the sound of its predecessor but keeps its super-sleek look. This exquisite radio arrives in a gorgeous compact design with a stylish lacquered wood veneer finish and audio to die for. Finance Available – £ASK 2 year guarantee included

Ruark R4 MK3

DAB/DAB+/FM Radio & CD Bluetooth All-In-One Music System with OLED Display, Rich Walnut The Ruark R4 MK3 carries forward the ideology of its predecessor as a traditional music centre, though it is one designed and engineered for 21st Century living. Comprising of an enhanced multi format CD player, aptX Bluetooth receiver, USB playback port, DAB/DAB+/FM tuners and auxiliary inputs, this powerful 2.1 speaker system will provide a satisfying room filling sound. Finance Available – £ASK 2 year guarantee included

Ruark R5

DAB/DAB+/FM/Internet Radio & CD Bluetooth Wi-Fi Wireless All-In-One Music System, Rich Walnut With a full complement of wireless and wired connections, Ruark’s R5 is an exemplary ‘all-in-one’ system for both music and design enthusiasts. Stream music from your device over high-quality Bluetooth, or access popular streaming services with built-in Wi-Fi. Play CDs, or tune into radio stations from all over the world. It’s multi-room ready, and boasts the beautiful design and high fidelity audio that Ruark are renowned for. Finance Available – £ASK 2 year guarantee included

Ruark R7 Mk3

Ruark R7 Mk3 DAB/DAB+/FM/Internet Radio & CD Bluetooth Wi-Fi Wireless All-In-One Music System, Soft Grey Made to make you stop and listen, the Ruark R7 brings the radiogram up to date with retro-modern lines and lush audio output. Beneath the vintage sensibilities, there’s everything today’s audiophile would expect, including DAB, FM and internet radio as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CD playback and intuitive digital controls. The Mk3 has refined aesthetics and enhancements to sound and technology to ensure its reputation as a premium home music unit for aficionados of audio and design. 2 Year Guarantee Included Finance Available - £ASK